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Nile Pet Boarding Kennels & Cattery

A pet being separated from its owner and going into a new environment can be a traumatic experience for an animal. At Nile Pet Boarding we aim to make that separation as easy as possible for your pet.

So whether you are leaving Uganda for a few weeks, or a few months, you can relax knowing your pet is having a great holiday with lots of space, fun, and scenery. Call us at Nile Pet Boarding Kennels and Cattery and leave your pet in good hands.

2 happy cats in the Cattery
Swimming dogs in the River Nile

Health Care

We have worked with our local vet Dr Herbert Wambi, who has helped keep our horses, dogs, and cats healthy and happy for the past 20 years and is the other crucial member of our team. Dogs are walked daily beyond the compounds or even taken to the Nile for a swim (owners preference) to ensure they don't get bored or unfit. This is essential for dogs, as a bored dog generally means a noisy dog. Animals are our lives and we do medical checks daily, as we understand the particular disease burdens that are inherent in Uganda. The compounds, kennels, and cat litter are cleaned daily to ensure all animals live in a hygienic environment.


Our rates are very much dependent on the size of your pet, if your dog/cat has any special requirements and whether you have multiple pets coming to holiday with us. Contact us with as many details as possible for a quote for your pet.


We feed the dogs twice daily, morning and evening and also give the dogs a bone to chew and play with as well. A good bone can keep a dog's attention for hours and is essential for the health of teeth and gums. We can also cater for pets that have specific requirements for feeding. We also use feeding time as an opportunity to teach dogs simple manners and calmness before being fed, to make our job of looking after your pet easier.

Cats are also fed twice daily, with either biscuits only or biscuits and wet food, all according to the owner's preference.

Dalmation in the compound at the Nile Pet Boarding


We do require vaccinations for dogs and cats. In Uganda, Rabies is common in street dogs. When dogs arrive at the kennels, we need to know their vaccination history. Pets that do not have their vaccines up to date, must be vaccinated once they arrive for the safety of other animals and staff.