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Our Facilities

We live within 100m of all our kennels and the cattery, and there is always staff or management present 24 hours a day.

The Kennels

The dog day run compound facility is a full chain link fenced area of 18 metres by 18 metres, and the dogs have plenty of time to run free between 7:30 am to 6:30 pm each day if the owners are happy for their dog to socialise with other dogs. We also have day pens of 40 feet by 20 feet for those owners that would prefer not to socialise their pets. All dogs have night kennels that are an enclosed 8-foot by 6-foot sheltered area with a waterproof kennel attached that can house up to 2 dogs and allows dogs to relieve themselves outside their kennel. We supply dog bedding in the kennels, but owners are free to bring their pet's bedding if they would prefer that option.

Cattery Our Cattery
One of our dog night kennels within the dog compound

The Cattery

Our home for the cats is 6m by 4m enclosure with an inside area and outer area so our feline friends can watch the horses go by, or hide in some warm dark cosy places. We have old couches for cats to get the claws into and ramps into the rafters so the cats can get up high and feel secure.

Cat watching the world around